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We are a proud supplier of non-crop pesticides and support services of the highest quality, with high regards to health, safety, and the environment.

Our Proud Associates

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At Adama, we strive for a world where everybody has food security, and everybody in farming has a fulfilling and rewarding life.



Carabiner produces and supplies a range of chemicals for the non-crop agri sector. They have a number of highly effective products aimed at various types of bush clearing with both selective and non-selective actives.

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DNA Plant Science provide a sustainable and cost effective solution to farmers in Southern Africa.

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Landscaping solutions


Mining vegetation solutions


Parks and Sport field solutions


Roads vegetation management


Forestry solutions


Invader bush and scrubs solutions


Public Health solutions


Spraying equipment solutions


Electric fence vegetation solutions


Spraying equipment solutions


Public Health solutions


Electric fence vegetation solutions

Our Core Values

IVM Chemicals and its representatives bring a vast amount of experience to the market. The company has a team of highly qualified employees and agents looking after your business. With individuals having over 20 years experience each, the customer can expect the most advanced and innovative service and advice. The company makes use, and has access to, the widest range of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. IVM Chemicals has spent many years developing strategic partnerships with manufacturers and developers of world class pesticide technologies. This allows us to provide our clients with the most appropriate solutions.


To be seen and recognised as a successful and innovative non – crop pesticides and support services.


IVM Chemicals is dedicated to supplying it’s valued customers with products and supporting services of the highest quality, in a manner that shows the highest regard to safety, health and the environment. Our focus is on ethical business practices in a profitable manner with acceptable returns for its shareholders. We rely on loyal committed employees in the workplace where empowerment, respect and rightful reward prevail.


  • We operate together as a committed unit
  • We are open-minded and respect different points of view
  • We are business driven, goal-focused & follow our actions to their logical   conclusions
  •  We celebrate diversity
  •  We communicate


• Business ethics – Honest integrity
• Transparency
• Sound business principles
• Training & development
• Customer focus
• Environmental awareness
• Socially responsible

Level 1 BEE Contributor

IVM Chemicals regards Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) as a business imperative and a deliberate socio-economic process or intervention strategy designed to redress the imbalances of the past. The company is committed to a comprehensive BEE strategy, which includes skills development and the promotion of SMMEs through affirmative procurement and capacity building.

Training, education, and career development are also important areas. The timing and development programmes include leadership and technical courses. On-the-job training will complement this. IVM Chemicals continues to empower and facilitate the participation of more people into the industrial chemical industry equity empowerment and Black Economic Empowerment.

Latest Blog Posts

Winter is Coming – Preparing Your Pasture

One of the biggest threats to pasture today is the encroachment of invasive and alien plant species. This unwanted vegetation can quickly invade and spread, steal critical resources from grasses and shrubs, and create a negative grazing potential on a farmer’s land,...

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Time To Take Control of the Weeds with IVM Chemicals

Weeds growing unruly between pavements, driveways and sidewalks are the ‘broken windows’ of our neighbourhoods. In 1982 social scientist James Q. Wilson and criminologist George Kelling created the broken windows theory. They used this theory to explain how growing...

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Is Bankrupt Bush Eroding the Value of Your Farm?

The aptly named bankrupt bush, also referred to as slangbos or vaalbos, is considered a type of fynbos and often used as bedding material for hikers and campers. Though for many farmers this shrub is anything but soft and comforting and rather a headache that robs...

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Create Water-Wise Gardens Like A Pro with IVM Chemicals

Considering the current climate, there is simply no way we can create gardens in South Africa without considering the availability of water. Whether you’re creating gardens for residential complexes or office parks, it’s pertinent to create landscapes that are...

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Three Tactics to Hit a Hole-in-One with Water Saving

As we’re entering the height of summer and the holiday season, leisure activities such as golf will be on everyone’s mind and to-do list. If you’re a greenskeeper, in today’s climate, then you certainly have your work cut out for you. According to the South African...

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Game Reserve and Farm Maintenance with IVM Chemicals

The only thing that should be left wild on your game farm or reserve, are the animals. Managing vegetation on a game reserve and farm is a critical task that helps maintain the ecosystem of the environment and keep you and the animals safe. Let’s take a closer look at...

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Vegetation Management In and Around Sub Stations

Unwanted weeds, trees and shrubs around substations not only impact the aesthetics of a town or suburb. If vegetation is left untended it can interfere or cause damage to equipment and pose a danger to employees and the public. An integrated vegetation management...

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  •  We supply technical support as well as innovative industrial practices.
  •  We provide health and safety training to persons working   with industrial chemicals.

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