Game Reserve and Farm Maintenance with IVM Chemicals

The only thing that should be left wild on your game farm or reserve, are the animals. Managing vegetation on a game reserve and farm is a critical task that helps maintain the ecosystem of the environment and keep you and the animals safe. Let’s take a closer look at common vegetation concerns on game reserves and farms and how IVM Chemicals can assist you.


Bush encroachment

We’ve spoken about this topic before, but in case you missed it here’s a recap: Bush encroachment is defined as the rapid expansion of bush and shrub species to the detriment of the herbaceous (grassy) layers in an area. It creates a land scarcity for roaming and grazing animals. It upsets the ecosystem that can affect the presence of smaller game and birdlife which has a ripple effect on smaller ecosystems, and it creates overpopulation and overgrazing in other areas which can lead to erosion.


Chemical treatment will improve the overall health of the ecosystem by keeping invasive plant species out which can totally destroy a healthy system.


Managing grasslands

To the layman grass is grass, but the animals on your farm or reserve may have a different opinion. Grazing animals prefer sweetveld grasses in winter as they store their nutrients in the leaves and remain nutritious during dry seasons. Sourveld grasses, on the other hand, are enjoyed in summer or at the start of the rainy season when their leaves are still soft and palatable. It’s important to keep an eye on weeds and invasive plant species in areas where animals are dependent on pasture – chemical vegetation management may be required in ensuring that grazing wildlife have enough food.


Chemical treated areas can stay weed free for years which will save labour costs and time in comparison to mechanical labour. Effective vegetation management through chemical treatment will further increase the carrying capacity of the rangeland. In turn increased carrying capacity will improve the condition and production of new animals which is ideal especially for game farms. It will further ensure that the rangeland copes better under periods of stress such as drought as there are more natural resources available for the game before additional feed is required.


Fire prevention

Controlled fires are important in managing vegetation on game reserves and farms. However, chemical vegetation management can help minimise the destruction of accidental veld fires. Chemical management can be used to create firebreaks that help to manage the spread of the fire, whether started intentionally or accidentally. Firebreaks should especially be made around infrastructures such as camps, fencing and buildings to protect the animals, employees and assets.


Maintaining fencing lines

Fencing is a fundamental element of wildlife management. The fencing’s main goals are to firstly manage the animals on the inside, while at the same time keeping poachers or unwanted animals such as predators out – especially on specialised game farms. Your fence will also help to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours and protect your property. Unwanted vegetation can damage or compromise the structural stability and effectiveness of your fences. Chemical management offers an effective solution in keeping your fences vegetation-free and protect against fires that may also cause further damage to your land and infrastructure.


What can IVM Chemicals do?

IVM Chemicals can assist game reserve and farm maintenance managers with targeted solutions and vegetation management programs that are safe and effective. The prescribed herbicides used on the trees, shrubs and weeds are selectively dosed, then removed from the area and the favourable growth is left intact. With selective treatment, the herbaceous layers will start to improve and provide grass for the grazing animals.


IVM Chemicals can supply the necessary training to workers, to do the treatment effectively. This empowers employees to further the health and wealth of the property and gives the added sense of responsibility.


For more information about IVM Chemicals and our treatment programmes for game reserves and farms, please contact us today.