Change the Landscape of Water-wise Gardens with IVM Chemicals

In the last few years, the South African landscaping industry has seen a drastic shift towards more water-wise gardens that simultaneously complements its environment and offers an aesthetically sustainable solution. Hotels, office parks, residential estates, shopping centres and community parks require landscaping solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable towards the bigger South African landscape. IVM Chemical can assist landscapers and landscape management teams with sustainable solutions and products that will complement the services they offer their clients and help create gardens for the future.


Let’s see how IVM can assist:


Weed Management

Not only do weeds, in general pose, a huge threat to water-wise gardens but certain weeds can also cause an unsafe environment in public areas where people can picnic, have lunch and areas where children play. Weed management should be done routinely. We suggest an integrated weed management program that employs both physical and chemical management to minimise water use and keep public areas safe.


Go Indigenous

Landscapers know that choosing hardy and indigenous plants are the best way to establish a water-wise garden. Consider grouping the plants according to their water needs and opt for fewer seasonal plants and more perennials. Plants require a lot of water to establish a root system, which brings us to our next point…


Make It Gel

Because young and new plants require a lot of water to help them establish a strong root system, they may require a significant amount of water. IVM Chemicals can supply landscapers with planting gels, a product that increases the water holding capacity of soils and improves tree growth and helps young indigenous trees and shrubs establish healthy root systems.


Clearing of Invasive Plants

Many landscapers are not afforded the opportunity to start a water-wise garden from scratch. In many instances, a garden may be filled with invasive plants that need to be removed through both physical and chemical methods. Physical methods can be employed to reduce the plant mass, but ultimately chemical management will be needed to completely and effectively destroy the invasive plants. If invasive plants are not removed completely, they may pose a threat to the survival of new plants and trees.


How can IVM Chemicals help?


IVM provides a variety of chemical management solutions to control, promote and manage the large landscaped areas. We additionally supply the necessary equipment and training for weed spraying teams. We have all the necessary equipment you may need for the application of our products: 16 l knapsacks, manual and electric sprayers and a variety of nozzles for all your application requirements.


IVM sales representatives have AVCASA, PCO licenses and IVM is a member of CropLife.


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