Time To Take Control of the Weeds with IVM Landscaping Supplies

Weeds growing unruly between pavements, driveways and sidewalks are the ‘broken windows’ of our neighbourhoods. In 1982 social scientist James Q. Wilson and criminologist George Kelling created the broken windows theory. They used this theory to explain how growing physical disorder such as broken windows, trash and unkept areas could lead to, or increase social disorder such as robbery, muggings and drug-dealing in that specific area.Though it’s a bit of a leap, and we would never suggest that a few rebellious weeds could cause an influx of crime, we do know from experience that a few weeds here and there can quickly morph into a much bigger and costly headache. Once weeds take root, especially between pavements, driveways and sidewalks, they can be physically and financially difficult to get rid of. If left unchecked they create an unpleasant aesthetic around your property and neighbourhood that devalues it. Not to mention the unwelcome guests (snakes and rats) that find refuge between growing weeds.


How do you nip it in the bud?

Physical weeding is a back-breaking and time-robbing option, and if you have a gardener or groundskeeper, we are sure you would rather have them do something much more important than pulling out weeds all day. Chemical weed treatments are still one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to eliminate unwanted and invasive plants, especially in areas such as pavements, driveways, walkways and sidewalks.


Weedpack is customised IVM Chemicals vegetation solution and a non-selective herbicide that prohibits regrowth. It can be used for the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses in areas vegetation is wanted, such as pavements, driveways and sidewalks.


Alternatively, you can use a selective herbicide such as Grafton 360SL to treat unwanted weeds and grasses near other areas of vegetation that you don’t want affected.



We recommend that you apply Weedpack and Grafton 360SL as soon as you see signs of weed growth. When plants are in the active stage of growth, they are more susceptible to treatment. Adverse growing conditions such as cold weather or excessive heat, drought or excessive rain, may render the herbicide ineffective, so take note of weather conditions before applying. Always read the usage instructions carefully and apply exactly as instructed.


IVM Chemicals

IVM provides a variety of registered vegetation solutions to assist gardeners and groundskeepers with their daily, monthly and seasonal garden maintenance. We provide pre-emergence, non-selective and selective herbicides as well as pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers for all your landscaping needs.


IVM sales representatives have AVCASA, PCO licensed and IVM is a member of CropLife. We have been actively assisting the South African forestry industry for more than 10 years and we regularly provide training to spraying teams.


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