Get in the Game: Sports Field Maintenance with IVM Landscaping Supplies

Aside from giving teams and players the best possible surface to show what they’re made of, a well-maintained sports field keeps players safe, reduces liability and ensures there’s an even playing field. Sports field maintenance requires exact manual and chemical maintenance, and when done right will sidestep the hassle.


Maintenance relies on a trained eye to keep a sports field looking pristine, and even then problems can arise that can impact your field, the game and your bottom line. IVM Chemicals can assist schools, clubs and municipalities with the chemical maintenance of rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey, polo fields, bowling greens and golf courses.


Here are some of the most common problems that need to be tackled immediately:



Most weeds can be controlled through regularly mowing of the turf or green. Nonetheless some species are persistent and require chemical management. Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also affect the quality of the field and create an unsafe playing field as they are unable to carry the heavy foot traffic that’s required during games.



Managing pests requires an integrated approach as some larger pests require out of the box and environmentally friendly solutions. However, insects such as mole crickets and termites are a different ball game and should be dealt with chemically. These insects gnaw and feed at the roots of the grass which create an unsafe playing field on which athletes can slip and fall.



Despite selecting resistant grass cultivars, turf disease may still occur. Disease management should always be kept up ­even through off seasons as it may cause a growing environment for weeds. Diseases may also affect the roots of the grass and as with pests, create an unsafe playing field. Always identify the disease before selecting a treatment to ensure its effectiveness.



A good fertilising programme promotes turf density that will, in turn, improve the playing field, the safety of the players and enjoyment of the game. Many factors influence a fertilising programme and we suggest a yearly soil test to determine the phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and pH levels before applying fertiliser for precision management.


Here’s the Pitch

IVM Chemicals offers targeted vegetation solutions for all your sports field problems that are both safe and effective. Our selective treatments can be tailored to best suit your schedule, so it won’t impact a game.


IVM Chemicals can supply the necessary training to workers, to do the treatment effectively. This empowers employees to further the health of the field and gives them the added sense of responsibility of ensuring the field looks presentable and game-ready.


For more information about IVM Chemicals and our treatment programmes for game reserves and farms, please contact us today.