Create Water-Wise Gardens Like A Pro with IVM Landscaping Supplies

Considering the current climate, there is simply no way we can create gardens in South Africa without considering the availability of water. Whether you’re creating gardens for residential complexes or office parks, it’s pertinent to create landscapes that are sustainable and water-wise. “A well-planned water-wise landscape results in water savings of between 30% and 80%,” says the South African Landscaping Institute.

IVM Chemicals can assist landscaping teams and businesses with selecting products that support sustainable water use and help landscapes flourish despite water shortages, water maintenance projects, heatwaves and droughts. Here are our top three water-saving strategies for landscape managers:

  1. Divide & Conquer

According to Lesley Hoy from Rand Water, the day is fast approaching when there will not be enough water, or affordable water, for lush waterholic landscapes. By dividing a landscape into different hydro zones, from high to no water usage, you can conserve water and create more sustainable and affordable landscapes. Ensure that no and low water usage zones are as large as possible and in windy and heat exposed areas. Ponds and rainwater dams can support medium water usage areas and keep high water usage areas as small as possible.


  1. Balance Hard & Low Water Landscaping

Hard landscaping consists of non-plant surfaces, such as parking areas and patios that are necessary for residential complexes and corporate parks. These areas are no water zones and may create unwanted radiation that increases evaporation. Always ensure that hard landscaping makes provision for rainwater runoff or is water- permeable and balanced out by low water usage zones. In low water zones, use plants such as desert roses, aloes, confetti bush, lavender and elephant bush for balance.


  1. Use Pro Products

Often lawns and ground covering are unavoidable and can be sponges if not managed correctly. Make sure that indigenous grasses and coverings are planted which are naturally more water-wise and resistant to drought. The right products can further improve the water efficiency of your lawns and ground coverings. IVM Chemicals have carefully selected products to use in conjunction with your regular fertilising programme to lower water usage and improve your lawn and ground covering’s condition during dry spells.


These products consist of various biostimulants and a bioactivator that we’ve aptly named the Performance Pack. Biostimulants are used in agriculture to improve yields, quality, product colour, water usage and tolerance against abiotic stress. In landscaping, these products can also be applied as a foliar application to grass and plants to protect it from drought conditions and improve effective water usage.

The Performance Pack includes three biostimulants – Manvert Silikon, Manvert Foliplus, Manvert Rooting and a bioactivator, Manvert Miconic. Silikon and Foliplus strengthen plants while Rooting will encourage the grass to have bigger and deeper root systems to improve nutrient uptake and resistance to droughts. Miconic naturally activates a plant’s immune system for protection against fungal disease as plants may be more susceptible to diseases during periods of stress.

For more information regarding our range of products and services for landscaping, please contact IVM Chemicals today.