How can IVM Chemicals assist your municipality?

Managing vegetation is an important task that’s often underestimated within a municipality. Vegetation management not only contributes to the aesthetic appearance of a town or district but also improves public health and safety, decreases damage to infrastructure and municipal property and improves the quality of services supplied by municipalities.


One of the more traditional methods for managing unwanted vegetation is to treat it mechanically. While mowing is necessary to control grass in municipal areas, it doesn’t provide a long-term solution, and in many cases, it poses a safety concern for both workers and drivers when mowing takes place next to busy roads.


Today, vegetation management professionals are turning to herbicide-based programs because of the distinct advantages they provide over repeated mowing. Herbicides specifically target unwanted weeds and plants without causing harm to desirable plants and animals. They can be applied after mowing to prevent re-sprouting and achieve long-term control. Herbicides eliminate undesirable species while allowing useful plants the space and nutrients they need to thrive while preventing environmental damage and reducing erosion.


IVM Chemicals supplies all the necessary herbicides to tackle invasive plants and manage vegetation within the different areas of municipalities. Let’s take a look at the different areas of vegetation management in a municipality and how IVM Chemicals can assist:



Weeds in formal and informal cemeteries are not only an eyesore, but also damages graves and poses a danger and hazard to visitors. Unmanaged grasses and weeds increase the likelihood of a fire that can result in irreversible damage to both graves and gravestones.


Parks and Sports Fields

Both weeds and poisonous vegetations pose a threat to public safety and the enjoyment of these public areas and the leisure activities they are intended for. Invasive and harmful vegetation can additionally damage natural areas through erosion and create an imbalance in the habitat.


Electrical Substations

Grasses, weeds, unwanted trees and shrubs around substations can impact the aesthetics of a town or suburb. If left untended they can interfere or cause damage to equipment and pose danger and hazard to employees and the public. If not correctly managed the grasses, weeds and trees become a fire hazard to all electrical equipment.


Canal Systems

Weeds in canals and on the canal banks create an unattractive environment to what could otherwise be an area where residents can enjoy leisure activities and local bird life. If not attended to it can result in damages of the cement structure, water loss and blockage of the canals which could again cause flooding.


Municipal Roads and Pavements

From weed density and species resistance to the nature of the area itself, controlling vegetation along roads and pavements may be one the greatest challenges vegetation managers face.


Roadside vegetation is often utilised to help reduce erosion, act as a windbreak, provide shade or simply beautify the landscape. However, in many of these areas, unwanted vegetation can grow into a serious problem – especially in and around road shoulders, guard rails, signage boards and distance markers. In these areas, unmanaged vegetation can create multiple safety and operational hazards to the public.



IVM Chemicals can offer municipalities the perfect solution specifically for the area of application and treatment. Herbicides to be used include systemic, non-selective products in liquid or granular form, depending on mode of action and preferred application method. Results to be obtained can vary from contact action to a soil sterilant for periods up to 18 months. Contact our team today for a solution to your problem.


IVM Chemicals can supply teams to do the application or we can supply the necessary training to municipal workers, to do the spraying effectively.


For more information about IVM Chemicals, our treatment programmes, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides please contact us today.